Sunday, November 1, 2015

Blank ATM Card Scam

This scam is so obvious and lame I didn't feel it worth mentioning.
That, and it primarily targets dishonest people, whom I have little sympathy for.

BUT, Nigerian asswipes have been comment spamming the crap out of my blog for months. I'm getting annoyed and it's time to shoot back.

How does the scam work?
Stupidly simple. You pay "hackers" between $100 to $5,000 for a blank "programmed" ATM card the crooks claim can hack ATMs to spit out cash and make you rich overnight.

But you never get the card !!
And who will you call to complain? Cops? "Hello officer, I got ripped off for the $200 I paid for an illegal atm hacking card"? Or try calling the Nigerian scammers association complaint dept.? +234-529-SUCKAHHH

Just to see what tricks they might pull, I emailed and pretended to be interested. Within 60 seconds I got a reply.

The fool wanted $100 for the card.
Some "special features" included were:
1. Your illegal ATM activity is undetectable and untraceable.
2. Card can be used anywhere in the world, on any model ATM machine.
3. $5,000 daily withdrawal possible. More, if you purchase a pricier card.
4. A secret mechanism or technique which prevents ATM and CCTV cameras from recording your face. Hrmm. Maybe a can of spray paint or roll of duct tape to cover the camera lens is included? Or maybe a free Groucho Marx mask comes in the box?

This punk con artist told me to use the name Anthony Sunday, Edo state, Nigeria - for the money transfer.
He promised to send the card via DHL as soon as payment confirmation was received.
He demanded the wire transfer reference number and a photo of the receipt. (MoneyGram uses an 8-digit Reference Number; Western Union uses a 10-digit Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)

I told him I'd sent $100 MoneyGram and gave him a phony 8 digit number, hoping he'd take the bait and waste a lot of time standing on a MoneyGram outlet line. But he kept demanding a photo of the receipt. He frantically emailed 50 times in the next few hours wanting proof of payment. I was bored, so I strung the fool along half the night, promising I'd send a copy of the receipt... very very soon.

When they're not peddling nonexistent atm cards, they're working dating site scams, craigslist scams, selling magical spells, miracle cures, and anything else they can dream up. All part of the new Nigerian Illuminati scam ring and Yahoo-Yahoo Boys who have migrated to the Google-Google scam clan. The Register reported five Nigerian gangs are behind most of these internet scams. Many of these scams also originate in Benin Republic, Ghana, Togo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast (Cote D'Ivoire).

The worst part is where the money they steal might wind up.
Funding Boko Haram?

 Associated Nigeria numbers:
(mostly used with WhatsApp messenger)

+1 631 500 4609

Scammer email accounts (loosely alphabetized for mutual convenience)(: (gabriel houston)

X,Y, and Z email addresses will be added to this list once the scammers have used up other higher ranking alphabet letters...

They also have numerous Facebook accounts. Way too many to list. Please do not post Facebook links in comments. Some FB accounts have been hacked and taken over by spammers & scammers, which makes good honest people appear to be crooks.

87 visits from Lagos the day after I posted this blog.
And 10 comment spams.
I wonder if I'm pissing anyone off.

Blinded by greed or desperation, people are actually wiring $100, $200, $300 or more for these cards. Hard to believe. They should send me that money instead.
For every $100 you donate to my blog... I'll send you a REAL ATM CARD size piece of plastic that reads: DON'T BE A FOOL! Carry that around in your wallet or purse, or better yet, glue it to the tip of your nose. Money well spent.

 Nigeria Police Special Fraud Unit
 SFU Lagos Facebook
EFCC Wanted criminal fugitives Nigeria **warning unsecured connection
419 Coalition 

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One final note. Do not assume all these scammers are Nigerian or living in Africa. Many are living right here in the good ol' US of A, or Canada. And they're of every ethnic variety. They sometimes like to pretend they're black or Nigerian, in the hope it will confuse their victims and throw cops off their trail.


  1. Wow I actually saw an email address and name of so wove that scammed me.

  2. I have been scammed twice and have a few email addresses for you to add to your list



  3. Holy crap dude way to stir up a pot and handle it like a friking cia agent... That was incredible...

    1. Agent Potstirrer at your service sir.

  4. As a first-timer, I did want to be cautious towards these type of emails, but the person did not ask me for money, but instead asked for info such as full name, country, sex, mobile number, and mail address. So with this in mind, I replied with questions, posing myself as a curious and cautious person.

    Email is

    Seeing that ALL scams are in gmail, I might as ignore them. Any feedback on the one mentioned above though?

    1. Here is your feedback.

      I strongly suspect is a criminal, although I have no proof to confirm. Yet. So I'll just sit back and let my readers decide. Some of my readers are Google staff, btw.

      Anything else you would like to know, curious "first timer"? Hmm?

  5. i have 3 emails that i am higly curious about. i have been messaging these people for a while now, holding off on sending anything because of scams. the emails include
    i see they are not on your list so i just have to know whats real and whats a scam.

    1. To answer your question, Unknown;

      #1. SCAMMER
      #2. SCAMMER
      #3. SCAMMER

      I will add those scammer emails to my list.
      Thanks for your comment.
      I hope my reply has been of assistance.
      Have a nice day.

  6. Replies
    1. You're shitting me right? Pack up your Nigerian scams and GTFO Mr. Nwachukwu.

  7. Stay Away from this email address he is a scam

  8. These Email Addresses belongs to scammer.,,

    1. You know who I think those emails belong to Stefan?


  9. I was scammed by these emails, dont have a competitors

    1. BULLSHIT Stefan. I read your Google profile before I published your comment. Your profile was loaded with Nigerian scam posts. I see you have hidden your public profile now. Too late, scammer. Don't play games with me.