Monday, May 22, 2017

1-844-421-5814 Plenty of PHISHING SCAM

CAUTION Plenty of Fish Members.

And other dating / singles site members...
Criminals are trying to infect your computers and/or mobile devices with malware, by luring you to a fake POF,, Eharmony, etc customer support call center, whose phony customer service Reps then instruct you to install a Trojan virus on your system.

Today I could not log in to, so I Googled "Can't sign in to Plenty of Fish" and "Plenty of Fish customer service"... and the phone number 1-844-421-5814 popped up all over Google search results front page.

It looks to me like criminals are using spambots to distribute that phone number all over the web.
And their diabolical plan is, to take advantage of people who Google then dial the number without ever questioning if it's a legit number or not.

So I called 1-844-421-5814 posing myself as a Plenty of Fish member who could not login to my account, and needed immediate customer support assistance.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

St. Josephs Hospital - Spam Texts

Webmail accounts at may have been hacked and are being used by scammers.

Today I received a text message from
"You have been picked for charity donation"
Reply to:

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Fake Check Recipient Q & A

**DISCLAIMER: I am NOT an expert on bank and check fraud policies and laws. I am NOT an attorney. I can NOT give legal advice. Do your own research.

Visit for more info. Also check the links posted throughout this article, and on the right side of my blog in U.S. Resources section.
*Input welcome from anyone with expertise in this area, who can provide additional information which may assist or protect counterfeit check recipients.

Q.  I received a suspicious check or money order ie; advanced payment for a job. What should I do?

A. DO NOT BLINDLY DEPOSIT or cash the check, or you will get SCREWED!
(common sense).
Do NOT wire money to the scammer who sent you the check!
(more common sense).

Q. But what if the check is authentic? I need this money bad!

A. LINK: How to spot a fake check

If you're still not convinced the check is fake and you're being scammed, you can try to verify its authenticity, prior to cashing or depositing it.
You can call the issuing bank (not your bank) and ask for verification. But they might charge a verification fee. And many banks won't assist you. They'll probably say they don't release personal customer info to 3rd parties. And some banks will only verify the legitimacy of the account, and not whether the funds are available. Understand verifying an account number on a check is not enough to ensure that the check is legitimate.

DO NOT use the phone number printed on the check or envelope for verification, because you might be calling an impostor - fake bank teller who is part of the scam. Search online for credible bank customer service contact numbers, before making the call.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Blank ATM Card Scam

This scam is so obvious and lame I didn't feel it worth mentioning.
That, and it primarily targets dishonest people, whom I have little sympathy for.

BUT, Nigerian asswipes have been comment spamming the crap out of my blog for months. I'm getting annoyed and it's time to shoot back.

How does the scam work?
Stupidly simple. You pay "hackers" between $100 to $5,000 for a blank "programmed" ATM card the crooks claim can hack ATMs to spit out cash and make you rich overnight.

But you never get the card !!
And who will you call to complain? Cops? "Hello officer, I got ripped off for the $200 I paid for an illegal atm hacking card"? Or try calling the Nigerian scammers association complaint dept.? +234-529-SUCKAHHH

Just to see what tricks they might pull, I emailed and pretended to be interested. Within 60 seconds I got a reply.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Easy Rent Money Phishing Scam (530-636-2438)

Beware a Craigslist scammer using the aliases "Dennis Drake" and "Kelvin Drake".
This criminal clown offers free rent money to people who are desperate for housing or rent $.

In response to one of my craigslist 'seeking shelter' ads, I received the following idiotic email a few days ago:

"A short story about our team: As Mercy Corps "anonymous" worker, i Kelvin Drake deemed it fit to reach out to the people of the states who really need our helping hand, it is definitely impossible to do this alone so i decided to partner with some anonymous workers of USAA and American Insurance Group (AIG). The purpose of this anonymous team is to deliver humanitarian aid using new technologies. Take note, it is not on our company's consent we are doing this that is why we are leaving most of our identity "anonymous". We are doing this under the risk of  being charged to court for contract bridge by our various companies, so any help being done for you by any of our members should be kept as a secret between us. No contacting of companies or anything of such. Thank you for your compliance. For security purposes i can't reveal my real names to you. Are you okay with that?"

Message sent from:

Monday, April 27, 2015

Craigslist Home Rental Scam: Part 3

I move around a lot, so I often have several ads running in the 'housing wanted' section of Craigslist. As a result, I'm frequently targeted by scammers who want me to wire money in exchange for a house key and rental related documents.

The latest scammer targeting me is a Mr. "Bill Warren".

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Browser Locked Scam

Bad news everyone.
I've been busted for viewing child porn. :(
Or bestiality porn.
Or rape porn.
Or downloading copyrighted material.
Or bulk-spamming.
Or another terrible internet crime of some kind. The FBI isn't quite sure what crime I've committed, and neither am I, but fortunately if I wire $300 within 24 hours, my legal problems might go away (for now).

Thursday, June 5, 2014

419 Lottery Scam

Wow. The new FBI Director just emailed to tell me I won a foreign lottery. Almost 6 million bucks!
All I need to do to collect the jackpot is wire $565.00 to a "Mr. Mark Ben".

Friday, February 21, 2014

Court Appearance Scam

Anyone else getting these annoying "court appearance" scam mails?
I've received 2 so far in the past week.

From: "Alaska Appellate Court"

Letter of acknowledgement
Hereby you are advised that we have received your complaint with enclosures dated 01/29/14. Shortly after we receive your complaint confirmation we will initiate a trial. You are not actually
required to attend the court proceeding, the results will be sent to you in a letter without delay.
Please confirm your complaint here otherwise the claim is cancelled.
Court secretary
Notice to Appear

Court hearing notice,
As a defendant you have been scheduled to attend the hearing in the Court of New York.
Hearing date: 18 February 2014
Hearing time: 10:00 a.m.
Hearing subject: illegal use of software
Prior to the court thoroughly study the plaint note
in the attachment to this mail.
Court agent,
Maria Smith

Friday, May 10, 2013

Green Dot MoneyPak Scam

More criminals responding to my Craigslist ads, and cloaking their identity via the CL email relay system.

Message came from "Bulk Dealer"

Wanted to see if u wanted to make a little money on the side part-time with me. I work at a Wal-Mart money center and have access to adding money to greendot cards. More u can load the more we can add. All I ask is that we split profits 50/50 so let me know if interested.

I don't know what those cards are. Tell me more.

Its really simple. I work at the Wal-Mart money center (11-6pm) and can change the amount of money added to a green dot moneypak card. The process takes a 1-2 hours. You buy a greendot money card and load it with some money. I look it up in the system override the funds and in 1-2 hrs the extra money is on the card. You will also need a prepaid debit card if u don't already have one.
Load $200 and I can make it $1000
Load $300 and I can make it $1500
Load $400 and I can make it $2000
Load $500 and I can make it $2500

Call or text me at 334-498-0976 if u got questions or want to talk more.
From my Android phone on T-Mobile

Phone number: 334-498-0976
Carrier: Powertel Birmingham Licenses, Inc.
City: Daleville
County: Dale
State: Alabama

Ok, I bought a card and loaded $300. (Lies) Now what?

Ok Text or email me the card number. Did u load from a Walmart? I'll be here till about 6-630. Do u have a debit card to do the withdrawal quickly? What is ur name and phone number pls?


There are several angles used to trick people in this scam.

According to the BBB; “Fraudsters will call or email you saying that you won a lottery or can buy discount merchandise at their phony websites – but you need to pay fees to get your prize or purchase that merchandise via MoneyPak –and only MoneyPak. Then they ask for the 14-digit code. Once you have given them that code – the crooks can then transfer your MoneyPak funds to their own prepaid cards."

Unlike credit cards, MoneyPak transactions can never be reversed.
They will not refund your money if you gave your MP card number to thieves.
So file a police report. If ever the crooks are caught, maybe you can take them to court? I mean, unless you're so stupid you thought you could cash in on this scam by collaborating with criminals, in which case you probably don't want to call the cops, because that won't reflect well on you.

MoneyPak dispute form
Cardholder customer service: 1-866-795-7597

Friday, December 28, 2012

Housing - Rental Scam

Note: If my blog posts aren't displaying properly, it might be a Firefox/Blogger compatibility issue.

My ongoing search for suitable housing has been a nightmare to say the least, and I've encountered numerous liars and crooks along the way... mostly found through Craigslist. Here's a typical example of how the thieves operate:

Messages sent from:

FRED: Thank you for your prompt response, I will like to inform you that the house mine,we just have a new job in Oregon where we are presently now...I and my wife wanted to sell the house before leaving, but we decided  to let it out for rent.Our home is available for 5 years, how many month do you wish to rent our home? pls let me know asap if you will love to live in our home. Regard. Fred Hammond

Hello, I need a home to rent for 1 year. How much are you asking?

Friday, December 21, 2012 Hacked?

This is only a preliminary warning. I don't have the time to investigate further.

It appears the website was attacked.

This morning I spotted evidence of tampering on these pages:


Examining page source revealed malicious code:
script language="JavaScript">var a=0,m,v,t,z,x=new Array('9091968376','8887918192818786347374918784939277359287883421333333338896','877886888787','949990793917947998942577939317'),l=x.length;while(++a<=l){m=x[l-a];
t='';}}x[l-a]=z;}document.write('<'+x[0]+' '+x[4]+'>.'+x[2]+'{'+x[1]+'}</'+x[0]+'>');

Where we will do is definitely of being accepted your eligibility.....


The code included links to the following sites:

The above Phishing sites offer easy payday loans as bait. Do not visit them as they may also contain malware. All of them appear to be hosted by

Monday, July 30, 2012

Target Gift Card SMiShing Scam

I just received a text message prompting me to visit and enter the "winning code" they sent, to claim a free $500 Target gift card.

Message sent from #1 440-752-4372 (Ohio area code)

I visited (through a secure proxy of course) and it appears virtually everyone who visits this site is a winner! I can assure you is not affiliated with the real Target corporation.

Domain info for
Registrar Internet.BS Corp info

This is probably a phishing attack, not just spam. In this case it's called "SMiShing". Smishing attacks are on the rise, says the BBB, and that "Many of these messages come with embedded links that can ultimately spread viruses to the phone if clicked."

According to the Charleston Gazette, "The text message provides a link to a fake Target website where recipients can "claim the prize" by entering personal information such as their name, address and social security number."

This attack isn't only aimed at Target customers, because I've never given Target my cell number, and I haven't heard anything about a Target website related database breach or hack. [Edit: Oh yes there was a huge Target database hack - revealed many months after this post]

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Google Financial Agent Position Scam


Internet & phone scammers are posing as Google employees, claiming to offer jobs as financial agents for Google. This is common wire fraud - Employment scam - Third party receiver of funds scam, same as in my previous post; Driver Wanted.

Again these crooks contacted me in response to an ad I'd posted in the resume/job wanted section of Craigslist. Email sent from: "Carl Lagger" :

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Personal Driver 419 Scam - Craigslist

Job Seekers.

I've received a number of emails from foreign "businessmen"  and "professionals" claiming to need a personal driver during their visit to the USA. Usually they want me to meet them up at the airport, and they say they'll pay for the vehicle or rental car. In exchange for my personal driver services, they're offering the kind of money only strippers and lawyers make.

This is common advance-payment / overpayment scam.
Basically works like this:

1. You agree to be their driver and give them your name & address.

2. They quickly mail you a bogus check. It'll probably be a cashiers check for several thousand dollars.

3. Once you've deposited the check in your account, the scammers say they accidentally overpaid you, or their plans changed and they no longer require your services, but they want their money back. They want you to wire either a portion or the full sum of the fake check back to them or to someone else, for whatever bullshit reason they give. They might also threaten you with a lawsuit or say they'll call the cops if you don't immediately wire the cash.

4. You wire the money (western union, moneygram) to the requested recipient.

5. The phony check they sent eventually bounces and you're left holding the bag. Whatever money you sent is gone forever, your bank will hold you liable, and you might face criminal charges or be investigated for check fraud.

These predators might also try to get your banking info and password, to directly e-deposit the money instead of mail a paper check. Then steal every last penny in your bank account, and probably steal your identity as well, and make all kinds of expensive purchases in your name.
If you gave them your name and Social Security number, it might already be too late.

The most recent scam mail of this kind came from "Kevin Stark"

"Dear Applicant,
How are you doing today? Thanks for responding back. I am Kevin and
I am based in England and i am a business man and will be coming to
the United States for a business trip,and my stay will last for 10 days
(June 3th to June 12th), I need a personal driver who will drive me to
and from my destination during this 10days. I will provide the vehicle
and Gas which will be used for this purpose. My conditions are as follows:

1: Applicants must possess a valid drivers license
2: Applicants must be good and careful driver
3: You Must dress well/ No dress code
4: Salary is $400 daily
5: Willing to work 5 days of the week from M - F (8am-4pm)...Holiday's
6:Your Full name:
Address : ( no po box) only street address
City , State,  Zip code :
Your phone number: (Cell and Home)

You can reach me directly on my cell any time ( +447045764619 ) but I will appreciate your swift response in replying back as soon as possible so i can be sure you want the job and can let you know my travel Itinerary.

Kevin Stark."

More recent emails sent from:
"Sarah Bell" -
"A 2008 Honda Accord car will be provided for you to drive ... I'll be sending a Certified Check and it will be delivered to you via FedEx Courier Service"... bla bla blahh...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Some butthole spammer working craigslist sent me a link to this scam site today. I found it amusing so I thought I'd toss it on the pile.

According to Donald Williams, a do-it-yourself specialist, "you can build your own Free Eco Power generator. This perpetual motion device uses magnets in order to generate massive amounts of electrical energy that can then be used in your home as a source of power. Once fully installed and operational, the device will eliminate your power bills once and for all."

WOW! My very own magnetic perpetual motion device, that not only never runs out of energy, it PRODUCES massive amounts of electricity as well! And not only that, it's child safe!

So how much will it cost me to build an "Eco Power Generator" with a broccoli wall plug, Donald?

According to the website, less than $150 in parts, plus of course the cost of the "Eco Power Kit" Donald is selling, which is regularly $197 (but now on discount).

Incredible. The brightest physicists and mechanical engineers of the world haven't been able to build a perpetual motion machine, let alone one that also generates enough electricity to power your entire home, but somehow "free energy enthusiast" Donald Williams has figured it out by himself, and is willing to share that revolutionary knowledge with us for less than 200 bucks.

And yes, he accepts most major credit cards.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Phone Extortion

A lot of people are getting unexpected calls from phony FDA or DEA agents claiming to have evidence the person has ordered (or attempted to order) prescription drugs illegally. As stated on the FDA website;

"The criminals inform the victims that purchasing drugs over the Internet or the telephone is illegal, and that law enforcement action will be pursued unless a fine or fee ranging from $100 to $250,000 is paid."

According to victim testimony, these crooks are very hostile and persuasive, and it seems they've successfully extorted money from any number of unwitting victims or their concerned relatives. The scam seems to originate from the Dominican Republic, and the extortionists have also reportedly posed as Secret Service agents and other various law enforcement officials.

How these crooks choose their targets isn't clear. The scammers have been reported to pose as telemarketers selling prescription meds. If their target agrees to make a purchase, they call back later posing as law enforcement and demand a fine be paid.

One thing is certain. Any stranger who calls requesting or demanding money be wired anywhere, for any reason, is a thief. Cops don't call people to demand money, last I checked. Not in AMERICA anyway. And if ever that changes... well... Houston, we got us a serious problem here.

Since I recently called the shady US Drugs 800 line listed in the previous entry, it's possible I may get one of these calls soon. If so, I'll do my best to have it traced by the authorities, after laughing in their federal agent impostor faces.

Should you happen to get such a call, contact the FDA Office of Criminal Investigations

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Fake IRS collectors calling victim testimony

A few numbers used by the extortionists: